Monitor Your Pulse to Test for Food Allergies, Intolerance, and Sensitivity

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A quick and free way to test for allergies, intolerance, and sensitivity to certain foods is to monitor your pulse.

First, take your pulse before you've eaten to get a base rate. Then pick a food that you think may be the suspect (eggs, milk, other dairy products, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, soy, seafood, and shellfish.) After eating the suspect ingredient, take your pulse. Repeat after 15, 30, and 60 minutes. When taking your pulse, it's best to measure while you're in the same positions (for example, while sitting.)

Low Blood Sugar

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These are the signs of low blood sugar:

* Dizziness, shakiness or trembling
* Nervousness
* Rapid heartbeat
* Trouble concentrating
* Headache
* Irritability, moodiness or anger
* Sweating, chills or clamminess
* Tingling in your face or lips
* Extreme hunger

I don't experience extreme hunger. Everything else is fairly frequent, almost on a daily basis. I remember taking a biology course a few years ago and having my professor explain hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia. I suddenly realized that I was having lows and highs throughout the day because I'd use sugar to get through the day and then have a period of intense withdrawal or a "low". So that was back in 2006 and I still haven't done anything different with my diet or had my blood sugar levels checked. I just also saw that nightmares and night sweats can also be a sign.

What is a Raw Food Diet

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I just finished reading a post called "What is a Raw Food Diet" on the Salad Bowl Inc. website.
Some of the content of the article is based on the book Mini Size Me which I've included a link to below.
I haven't read the book yet myself.

While reading the article, I came across a phrase 'enzyme-less diet.' I keep watching what other people eat and think to myself, "Geez. That is so unhealthy. They must feel horrible all the time." Then, while thinking more about the crap I eat, it's very obvious that I'm not getting enzymes. I love salads, but I typically drench them with ranch dressing and other add-ons like bacon-bits and starchy croutons. I usually drink a Mountain Dew as I eat the salad. :(

The article gives a list of the benefits of a raw food diet. One of them is improved animal instincts and responses. Now if you have a diet similar to mine, have you noticed any problems with your vision or hearing? My vision is often blurred (despite having a new pair of glasses... I work in an optical store so I know the Rx is fine!) I've noticed that I'm having to turn my head as people talk to me or watch their lips. I'm only 26--- my hearing should be good!

Anyway, take a look at the Salad Bowl Inc. website.

Really Cute Tote Bags

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Did you know that somewhere between 500 billion and a trillion plastic bags are consumed worldwide each year? Consider using canvas bags for your grocery shopping and lunch bag. Below are just a few ideas for fun bags!

"Sweet Misery" - The Poison called Aspartame

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I can't eat foods with Aspartame or Splenda. I get immediate headaches and I do not think the taste is good. In the documentary "Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World," the history of Aspartame is introduced. I was shocked to learn how it reached the public despite being so obviously poisonous to our bodies. has the full documentary on their site for you view.

Aspartame is often found in soft drinks, candies, ice cream, iced tea, nutritional bars, cereals, and yogurt. When you see labels such as "reduced fat", "fat free", or "no sugar added," double check for aspartame as an ingredient.

After watching the documentary, take a look at the website for the Aspartame Information Center that promotes this product as safe.

Raw for 30 Days Trailer

Wonder what would happen if you were diabetic and decided to eat only raw foods for 30 days? Watch "Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days" to learn how six people transform their lives by learning how to eat only raw foods and become less dependent on medications. I enjoyed watching this movie because it was honest- it shows the ups and downs of giving up processed foods, alcohol, and sugar. It also shows how your loved ones can influence bad habits.

It's unlikely that most of us would be able to take a month off from work or from other responsibilities to live at The Tree of Life in Arizona, which is where the six diabetics stay during the filming of the documentary. While watching this, I was thinking that I could do this if I had someone preparing the food and had only raw foods available! I also would be more likely to stay with it if I had a group of people that I was learning this new lifestyle with for 30 days.

All of this aside, though, it makes sense that the body can repair itself if given the proper nutrients. I've included the trailer in my post but you can find the entire documentary online by doing a Google search. Please comment on what you think about the documentary.

15 Truly Shocking Facts about Soft Drinks

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"15 Truly Shocking Facts about Soft Drinks" details things we already know about soft drinks but often ignore. Take a look here.

Learn about soda toxicity at