Raw for 30 Days Trailer

Sunday, February 14, 2010
Wonder what would happen if you were diabetic and decided to eat only raw foods for 30 days? Watch "Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days" to learn how six people transform their lives by learning how to eat only raw foods and become less dependent on medications. I enjoyed watching this movie because it was honest- it shows the ups and downs of giving up processed foods, alcohol, and sugar. It also shows how your loved ones can influence bad habits.

It's unlikely that most of us would be able to take a month off from work or from other responsibilities to live at The Tree of Life in Arizona, which is where the six diabetics stay during the filming of the documentary. While watching this, I was thinking that I could do this if I had someone preparing the food and had only raw foods available! I also would be more likely to stay with it if I had a group of people that I was learning this new lifestyle with for 30 days.

All of this aside, though, it makes sense that the body can repair itself if given the proper nutrients. I've included the trailer in my post but you can find the entire documentary online by doing a Google search. Please comment on what you think about the documentary.

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